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We offer:
  Karate Lessons for Ladies!
Girls Karate Dojo .Karate Kids + English
Karate Holidays for Tourists

Campaign Trial lesson for Ladies & Girls
Take a trial "Karate lessons for Ladies" and "Girls Karate Dojo" courses at Yomiuri Culture Center Yokohama at 3:40 pm. on Saturdays. Take the opportunity to enjoy Karate. If you like the Karate wear during the trial lesson, choose yours in various sizes available. Over 36 girls, ladies & 9-year-old boy became Black Belt; 1st Dan, including Five ones of 2nd Dan in our Seminars. Please see the schedule as below and contact us e-mail

Karate Holiday for Foreigners in Japan!
Learn Japanese traditional Martial Arts Karate and orthodox Chivalry Manner. Master and perfect Karate skills quickly. Take unique this Unique chance to learn the displine and manner of Japanese Budo. Contact us to take tailor-made Karate Master Programs for you, at least 10days prior to the departure for Japan.

Discover your Inner Power and Beauty through Karate!
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Master fundamental and practical Karate techniques for the purpose of not only for self-defense and increasing physical strength, but also to get into shape and learn the beauty of the Japanese traditional manner of
Budo(martial arts).
Change yourself into an elegant and vibrant warrior.
Increase your power of concentration, and releave daily stress. Individual tuition is given according to physical strength and capability of each student during the lessons.
Realize your own hidden talent after taking "Women's Karate lessons".
Karate -class Instructor Hiromi Hishiki, is the 6th Dan of Japan Karate Association (JKA) who also obtained the Master Degree at "the Living and Welfare program"created a special method of Karate lessons suitable for women through her long expert Karate insturctor and wide social experience.

Recent foreign members of the Karate seminars in Gotemba and Tokyo.

    Karate schedule at Yomiuri Culture Center
YOHOHAMA TEL: 045-465-2010,
@SOGO department store (9F) beside JR Yokohama Station
Karate Kids +English
(16:45 - 18:00)
-Teaching Karate is same as below:.
- Master the Dojo-kun in English
-Karate lessons in English

12 lessons
for three months

Karate Girls
over 4-year-old
(17:00 - 18:15)
(15:40 - 17:10)
.-Flexible exercises including Karate (Stretches)
-The Basic rules of Dojo and manners
- Karate stances, spirit & harmony,
-Explanation of the correct use of the body for Karate techinques.-Basic Point for using Karate techniques (distance, breathing, balance of strength, etc.)
-Fundamentals(Punch, Striking, Block, Kick)
-Applications of self-defense
-Kata (Taikyoku Shodan, Heian shodan ,etc)
-Kumite (Five-step Sparring.,Free sparringetc)
-Physical strength improvement exercise
- Authorization of your strongest skill at the final lesson.
12 lessons
for three months
Karate Lessons for women
(15:40 - 17:10)
 12 lessons
for three months
Karate Lessons
for women

Advanced for Brown & Black belts
(17:20 - 18:50)
 12 lessons
for three months

Karate Hero Girls Yomiuri Culture Center Yokohama Japan
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