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Profile of Hiromi Hishiki
Hiromi Hishiki Karate 6th Dan JKA, Instructor, Examiner, Judge
Instructor of Yomiuri Culture Center
Belong to: Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Japan Karate Associaiton (JKA)
Leader of "HirokuKai"(Karate Hero Club), Group under the direct control of JKA Headquarters
Daigiin (member of JKA general assembly)
Academic Background
& License

Master's degree
Major: Human Life and Health Science

Member of Japanese Academy of Budo
teacher's license of Junior High School (English)
1st class Boat's operator1st Amateur Radio Op.

Demonstration at State Guest House, Akasaka Palace
His Majesty the King Juan Carlos I and Her Majesty the Queen Sophia of Spain visited in Japan in the 1980's and a Karate Demonstration was held in the Akasaka Palace conducted by the top Master Nakayama Masatoshi of Japan Karate Association. It was the great honor for Hiromi Hishiki to perform Kata "Unsu" at front of the King and The Queen of Spain. Master Nakayama stands beside the Foreign Minster Zentaro Kosaka in the center. Hishiki is the second from left side.
Master Nakayama sits in the front row and Hishiki on the left.

Champions of Women's Individual Kata & Kumite
The 7th All Japan Jukuensha(Expert) Championships (2007)
Overall Victory of Women's Individual Kata & Kumite
The 6th All Japan Jukuensha(Expert) Championships (2006)
Overall Victory of Women's Individual Kata & Kumite
The 5th All Japan Jukuensha(Expert) Championships (2005)
Champion of Women's Individual Kata
The 16th All Hokkaido Karate Championships, etc.
"Unsu" at the championship 2016 FIEP oral presentation 

Thesis & Oral presentation:
Oral presentation(English) :" Karate Globalization* An Experiment with Children in Education" at the 2nd FIEP Asia Conference in Japan (Feb.2016)
 Oral presentation(English) :" A study of the founding of dojo by female karate instructors and their teaching activities" at the 2013 International Budo Conference by the Japanese Academy of Budo "
Oral presentation : "For the globalization of Budo - Children's Karate Class
in English" at the Karate Specialist Subcommittee Meeting of the 47th Japanese Academy of Budo (2014)
Thesis: Dojo establishment by femal Karate instructors in their local area and the development of their activities" (2013)
Thesis: "The role and possibility o lifelong karatedo for health and safety of adult women"(2009).

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